Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Children whose parents pitch in at school have a better attitude and higher academic achievement. It is important and it is fun! Unfortunately, many volunteer opportunities could be cancelled if not enough volunteers participate. Please take a few minutes to review the opportunities that are available. Volunteers for the 2023-2024 school year will need to complete their background checks. (Background checks are good for 5 years.) 

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Opportunities Throughout the Year:

1. BoxTops. Boxtops is a simple way to raise money for the school. You scan or provide digital receipts using their app. Download the app and enter our school name to participate.

2. Welcome New Teachers. Help us welcome new teachers and staff to Marek! Come join us in delivering welcome gifts to their classrooms one day during the first full week of school. 

3. Birthday Committee. Bi-monthly we will schedule a day to deliver birthday gifts to our wonderful teachers and staff. Deliveries are usually done in the morning. Sign up to participate in this rewarding activity! 

4. Library Weekly Helpers. Anita Phipps, our librarian, needs lots of help in the library on a weekly basis. This is a WEEKLY COMMITMENT. It is perfect for someone who has a flexible schedule or is off one day a week. You can come up and volunteer and then have lunch with your child if you like! This is such an important way to volunteer because it is how our children are able to check out new books throughout the day. If we don’t have someone, the library will have to be closed at times for check-out. It is a wonderful way to meet the kids, parents, and teachers! You also learn about all of the awesome children’s books that we have! If you can’t commit weekly, pop-in ANYTIME, ANY DAY! The library needs the most help between 10:30-12:30. They always need help with checking-out and shelving books.

5. Delicious Dot Day and Christmas Desserts - We will have at least two opportunities for you to bring treats in for our wonderful teachers and staff. This is a great opportunity to volunteer whether donate food, help setup and decorate the teacher's lounge, or both!

6. Book Fair. Every year our library has a Scholastic Book Fair. We could use cashiers throughout the week. Super easy and a great way to see the books first hand! Opportunities before school, during school, and right after school, and one evening. You have lots of choices to fit your schedule!

7. Boosterthon Fun Run  We will need help during the two weeks leading up to the Fun Run. Students receive prizes daily for fundraising, and we need volunteers to help sort and distribute those prizes each morning. During the Friday of the actual Boosterthon, we will need volunteers at the water stations during the event, helping the Coaches set up beforehand, and helping with clean up afterward. This will be a super fun event for all!

8. Holiday Trees. Every year we put up trees in the front hallway. Each grade level does decorates the trees. We need volunteers to put the trees up and take them down. It is about an hour or so for each day. This is an easy way to volunteer! Stay and have lunch with your child!

9. Holiday Store. Right before our winter break, students have an opportunity to buy a little present for their loved ones. It is a fundraiser for the PTO and the kids LOVE it! It is also fun as a volunteer. They get to shop for their parents on their own! We need volunteers throughout the week to help the students shop, wrap, label and check out. Come  join us to setup and decorate beforehand, or come in for one or two hours on one day, or join us all week!

10. 5th Grade Fundraiser and Farewell - If you have a fifth grader, you'll want to be apart of this memorable opportunity. Work with the 5th Grade Committee and come up with a fundraiser to help the kids raise money for their big end of year party, the 5th Grade Farewell. Both events take place in the Spring, so join in the Fall to start brainstorming!

11. International Festival If you are even slightly creative, we need help with a theme and decorations for the International Festival in April! We also need organized helpers to help coordinate country signups, flags, and logistics. One of our favorites parts of this event is the cultural talent show, so start thinking early about ideas for your student(s) to perform! Groups are always encouraged!

12. Teacher Appreciation Week. This is one of the best ways to say “thank you” to all of the teachers and staff at Marek. Help plan, coordinate and participate in fun activities for our teachers and staff during this week in May!


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